Imaging spending two days with legendary elite performance expert Robin Sharma via a private live video streaming, learning the advanced insights and “insider-only” tactics he has shared with famed billionaires, industry titans and sports icons?

Imagine learning precisely how the best in the world restructure their thinking, insulate their hope, calibrate their emotions, optimize their routines and multiply their fortunes so you experience dazzling success while also living with joy, peace and service to society?

If you’re truly ready to release old fears, shed past limits and rise into your primal genius so world-class becomes your way of being, claim one of the limited spaces available for PMA2020, widely considered one of the most transformation 2-day learning experiences on the planet for empire-makers and pathblazers.

Watch the event trailer here:

June 6 + 7, 2020

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto, Canada

NOTICE: My team and I are extremely sensitive to the current conditions and situations on the planet. I am here to serve. ​​Personal Mastery Academy 2020 will still happen. Yet, due to the global pandemic it will now be two days of absolutely world-class information delivered by me via live video streaming, delivered directly to your home.

A Message from Robin Sharma:

You know, fortune-building isn’t any harder than the way most people currently operate.


The billionaires and legendary leaders just run their work and private lives from a completely different playbook.


Imagine getting that playbook and discovering the precise protocols the most successful and high-impact people on the planet run daily.


Imagine shifting from being busy to being productive so you work less than you’ve ever worked yet achieve x25 more.


Imagine learning how to accelerate your performance and prosperity while also multiplying your joy and personal peace.


Imagine being exposed to the rituals of the virtuosos and the regimes of the titans so you grow your fortunes yet also making our world a better place in the process.

A quick story…

…A few years ago I committed to spending three deep months reviewing the “game charts”, mental models, morning routines, prosperity frameworks and lifestyle elevation processes that I’ve taught to the billionaires I’ve mentored for over 20 years.


…I then handcrafted the best information into a truly revolutionary 2 day live event for empire-builders and world-changers.


…In other words I decided to share my entire playbook that I’d previously only offered to my ultra-famous clients.


…I named this event Personal Mastery Academy. It is now widely considered one of the most valuable self-transformation and business optimization events on the planet.


What PMA Alumni are saying:

If you ware one of the relatively small number of people who secure a space to Personal Mastery Academy 2020, you will learn:

The Million Dollar Weekend Strategy™

[that has helped past attendees make many millions of dollars within a 30 hour period].

The Troll Deconstruction™

[a calibrated process to bulletproof your hope and energy from toxic people and actually exploit their criticism to make you faster, stronger and better].

The Fortune-Maker Ecosystem™

[an absolutely mind-altering way to achieve domain dominance so you experience lifestyle freedom at the highest level].

The Trinity of Vitality Decode™

[a framework that walks you through a precise process to double your energy and extend your longevity based on little-known biohacking methodology].

The World-Class Life Blueprint™

[I taught this one to the billionaires I’ve mentored and I’ve decided to take it out of my personal archives and share it at PMA2020; learning this one model is worth the price of admission].


other world-class models

​​..Heroes are born, not in times of ease, but during periods of discomfort.

We must continue to pursue the projects that fuel us and to serve the people who have faith in us. When all is falling apart, let us do our best to stand up. And advance.
​​Please know and trust that the curriculum of Personal Mastery Academy 2020 will still be heavily focused on how the greatest human beings of the world express their genius and the methodologies of the most successful people of history,

​​​​Personal Mastery Academy
[now being delivered by me via live streamed video directly to your home] is PERFECT for you if:

​​—you’re seriously ready to make some massive leaps in your bravery, energy, productivity and prosperity amid the storms of what’s happening to our civilization right now.

​​—you’re open and ready to live your greatest life because you know if you don’t, you’ll retire in regret. And end up stuck in the pain of potential unexpressed.

​​—you’re set to let go of your fears, amped to release your insecurities and excited to become the finest person [and producer of epic results] that you can possibly be.


​​Available spaces to Personal Mastery Academy 2020 are selling at a record-page because of the worldwide profile the event has earned. We are headed towards a completely sold-out digital event.

Claim your spot before you miss this opportunity [that will not be available again.]

​​Here’s why you absolutely should clear your schedule and do whatever it takes to join the live video streaming of Personal Mastery Academy 2020, June 6+7:

175% of the learning models I’ll teach this year will be new, representing a whole new way of accelerating your creativity, productivity and impact.

2 We have some of the most influential empire-builders and world-changers participating in this year’s event. You really can’t put a price tag on networking and befriending them over 2 full days via a private Personal Mastery Academy Mastermind group. [I’ve personally experienced that a single conversation with the right person could transform the way you approach your business and dramatically multiply the success of your personal life.]

3 Few things are more powerful to escalate your energy, performance and results than committing to doing brave Mindset | Heartset | Heathset | Soulset work so you are strong and anchored and set to serve many bravely at this moment.

4 There is zero doubt PMA 2020 will serve you tremendously, while helping you live your most heroic life in the hard times we are currently facing.

This is your invitation to one of the most powerful and transformational experiences in the world for entrepreneurs, creative professionals and A-Players.

Registration has just opener to Personal Mastery Academy 2020, my world-famous 2-day event for self-transformation and empire-creation.
​​My team has just released the next block of space and given the massive interest in this year’s PMA, we expect them to be gone soon.
​​Snap up one of the limited spots available now.

Personal Mastery Academy 2020

June 6+7

Regular Tuition: $5,000 USD

$1995 USD

​​A 2-day live event via video streaming with Robin Sharma, one of the most powerful and transformational experiences in the world for entrepreneurs, creative professionals and A-Players.

Secure Checkout

Personal Mastery Academy is not right for you if:

—you’re content to spend the rest of your life as you are [and if so, that’s ok].

—you have no fire in the belly to get to know and then express the natural hero within you while you materialize your 4 Interior Empires.

—multiplying your productivity, performance and service to the world x5 during these messy times isn’t inspiring to you.

—you’re not interested in learning how the world’s most honorable/creative/successful + influential people think in periods of crisis.

—you don’t really care about inspiring people through the way you live and making the world a better place to be.

Please remember: you don’t get lucky—you make lucky. And no idea works for someone unwilling to do any work.

More Powerful Praise for Personal Mastery Academy:

It’s scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with people who you want to be and live like is the number one factor to make the greatest improvements in every area of your life!

Having the opportunity to network and build connections with other human beings from across the planet that are also focused on doing the work required to improve their lives and impact the world, is absolutely priceless.


​​At Personal Mastery Academy, you will be connected with successful, creative, like-minded people who are raising their game. And who will elevate those around them by their example.

Who is Robin Sharma?

Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian, widely considered one of the world’s top leadership and personal optimization advisors. His clients include famed billionaires, professional sports superstars and many Fortune 100 companies.

His mission statement is:

“To help people and organizations around the world Lead Without a Title.”

As a presenter, Robin Sharma has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to individuals doing their best work, teams providing superb results and organizations becoming unbeatable.


In an independent survey of over 22,000 businesspeople, Robin Sharma was ranked in The Top 5 of the world’s leadership gurus along with Jack Welch, Jim Collins and John Maxwell. [Source:]


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